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Global HPV Cancer Free

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The goal of the Global HPV Cancer Free program is to create a world free of HPV cancers, starting with cervical cancer.

In order to achieve this, we focus on normalizing HPV vaccine as cancer prevention so that… 

  • Physicians recommend the vaccine routinely and confidently
  • Parents demand their children be vaccinated
  • Community influencers advocate for its access and uptake
  • Policy-makers include and fund the HPV vaccine in national and sub-national programs

Our ongoing programs, both at country and global levels, convene and collaborate with multiple stakeholders to normalize HPV vaccine as cervical cancer prevention.

NEW Digital Resource
Discover new evidence-based resources designed by and for medical, government, and civil society organizations in lower-resources communities around the world.

Visit to access behavior change communications research with health care professionals that can inform an organization’s HPV vaccination education and communication efforts.

Country-Specific Behavioral Change Work Interventions. Within the realm of HPV vaccination, evidence suggests that vaccination rates can be increased by as much as 30% with simple and low-cost behavioral change interventions that address cognitive barriers. We co-develop and implement these interventions with partners in ministries of health, medical societies, and cancer organizations to increase the uptake of HPV vaccine among physicians and parents in three countries:

  • India: In partnership with the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecological Societies of India, and Cancer Foundation of India, we are engaging the support of physicians in recommending the HPV vaccine routinely and confidently to parents of girls.   A second initiative partners with Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection (CAPED) to accelerate cancer screening in National Capital Region of India.
  • Kenya:  In partnership with the National Vaccine and Immunization Program,  the National Cancer Control Program, and Women 4 Cancer Early Detection and Treatment, we are strengthening efforts of community health workers and community organizations to motivate parents to take daughters to get 2-doeses of free HPV vaccine.
  • Colombia: Collaborating with the Ministry of Health and La Liga Colombiana to send text messages motivating parents to get their daughters a free HPV vaccine. 

ACS in collaboration with the Cancer Foundation of India and Together for Health produced this digital story that shares a parental perspective on preventing cervical cancer with the HPV vaccine in India. 

Global Convening and Partnerships and Messaging. ACS leads global partnerships and efforts in cervical cancer elimination.

  • Cervical Cancer Action for Elimination (CCAE) As co-chair with the Cancer Research UK, we are strengthening CCAE’s program of work to accelerate global efforts towards achieving WHO Cervical Cancer Elimination targets.
  • Global Relay for Life (GRFL) Engagement:  With partners in 30+ countries, we aim to connect, cultivate and catalyze impactful survivor voices with GRFL partners to abolish the stigma of cervical cancer in LMICs that remains a key barrier to eliminating this cancer.