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Education Materials for Your Patients

Inform your patients with easy-to-read materials on a variety of topics including prevention and early detection, treatment, side effects, and survivorship.

Prevention, Screening, and General Information

Cancer Fact Sheets

These single page, front-and-back PDF flyers offer easy-to-read information about common cancers and cancer causes. Appropriate for the general public, health fairs, informational handouts, and patient education.

      Sun Safety and Skin Cancer

      These single page, front-and-back PDF flyers offer tips on prevention and early detection for skin cancer, as well as information for patients diagnosed with skin cancer.

      For Cancer Patients and Caregivers

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      Personal Health Manager

      From the moment they’re diagnosed, cancer patients have to deal with an overwhelming amount of information. Keeping that information organized is important for tracking their journey, preparing for discussions with doctors, and making important decisions. Help someone have a better organized cancer journey by introducing them to the American Cancer Society Personal Health Manager. (Available in English and Spanish.)

      More ACS Materials

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      Patient Education Print Materials from the American Cancer Society

      Here you will find a list of available print-based materials for cancer patient education with information about how to submit an order of any size.