David Heenan

Director, BrightEdge Campaign Operations

David began his career working on trade, security, and nonproliferation policy issues for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in Beijing, China and then at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, IL. He then transitioned over to the political side, working on economic development for the Governor of Georgia, before joining a congressional office and running digital media for a US Senate campaign. After the campaign ended he joined the Editorial Staff of the Journal on Preventing Chronic Disease published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA. It was there that he came face to face with the inefficiencies in medical research and lack of accessibility to cutting-edge care. In 2015, he left the CDC and founded Aces Health in order to address these challenges by leveraging mobile technology and artificial intelligence. Aces Health, now Dedo.ai, was acquired by a San Francisco based Venture Studio in 2018.

Following the death of his grandfather due to colon cancer, he shifted his focus to fighting cancer and ending the pain and suffering of patients and families affected by the disease.

David graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in International Affairs as a Richard B. Russel Security Leadership Fellow.

Contact David at 404.417.5489.

You can also contact him by email at david.heenan@cancer.org.