Pam Higginson

Senior Director of Principal Partnerships

Based in Utah, Pam joined the Development team in RMC reporting to Tim Torgerson, Senior Director of Leadership and Campaign Giving. Pam provides major gifts leadership for the Hope Lodge program and patient navigation across the enterprise.
During her nine years with the Society, Pam has been instrumental in cultivating and nurturing significant relationships, increasing the number of major donors in the Utah market from two to well over 100. She attributes her success to listening to the donors, connecting, educating them about our Major Gift programs and inviting them to participate. Ultimately, asking them to get involved in the greater opportunities with the Society. 
Pam has particularly strong relationships with members of the Utah Region Board and the Hope Lodge campaign board. With them, Pam has been able to advance the Great West research program, our Legacy and Leadership program, and our distinguished events activities throughout Utah. Most recently, Pam celebrated the success of the Hope Lodge campaign which raised nearly $18 million in Salt Lake City where, on May 14, they broke ground for the next home away from home for cancer patients. Pam will continue to serve as the primary staff person on the Hope Lodge campaign as well as manage a portfolio of major donors in Utah.
Pam achieved her development experience, training and passion for fundraising from Weber State University as the director of development over the College of Health Professions and Stewart Library for 10 years. Her love and emphasis of theater arts was her educational path, passion and personal enjoyment.

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