The Schools vs Cancer program is a great way to drive home the message that it’s never too soon to adopt healthy habits to improve overall health and prevent cancer. The activities and educational materials provided with the Schools vs Cancer program teach children and their families how to make positive choices for healthy living and cancer prevention, including nutrition, physical activity, sun safety, vaccines, and tobacco prevention.

These healthy behaviors have a huge impact beyond preventing cancer, too; they can help kids feel better and perform better in school. More importantly, kids who establish healthy habits early are more likely to lead healthy lives as adults. This will not only help prevent cancer but also other serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

The Schools vs Cancer program also fosters team building. Through friendly competition, your school can come together for a cause that touches everyone. The program teaches students the importance of community service and promotes your school as one that is dedicated to saving lives from cancer. It is a great way to build school spirit and to establish closer relationships among teachers, students, and parents. Your Schools vs Cancer program provides an opportunity to make a positive statement about the contributions young people are making in society today.

To help you launch your Schools vs Cancer program, we offer lots of helpful fundraising and educational resources to show kids how they can live healthier lives and reduce their cancer risk. Our guides and activity sheets will make learning about the benefits of good nutrition and physical exercise fun for your students.

Healthy Living

Download free PDFs of our healthy lifestyle information

A healthy lifestyle has many benefits – and it’s fun, too! Regular physical activity and a healthy diet throughout childhood and adolescence improves strength and endurance, helps build healthy bones and muscles, helps control weight, reduces anxiety and stress, and may improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Physically active and fit children also tend to perform better academically.


We also offer resources to help educate students about the importance of making good decisions about their sun safety and tobacco use and how important it is to receive HPV vaccinations.

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If you are planning to tie your event to an American Cancer Society Relay For Life® or Making Strides Against Breast Cancer(R) event, find a Relay event near you. Then simply register your school as a team and select “Schools vs Cancer” when asked about your team’s affiliation.