Inspire the Cancer Survivor in Your Life

cover of the book "I Can Survive"

I Can Survive

On Sunday, June 5th, people throughout America are invited to celebrate hope, survivorship, and the millions who have faced cancer during National Cancer Survivors Day.

For many cancer survivors, however, the challenges of treatment and recovery are something they will deal with both on this day and throughout the year. To help share words of encouragement with the people who need them most, the American Cancer Society offers an excerpt from I Can Survive, a book of poetry and illustrations that helps inspire survivors and the “survivor in each of us.”

This book in one sentence: Filled with whimsical illustrations and rich poetry, lovingly created for encouragement and hope, this book will help anyone who is coping with illness or a difficult situation.

Who needs this book: People who are going through a chronic illness or crisis and those who want to help someone get through a life-altering event

What you'll get out of this book: I Can Survive is a beautifully illustrated book of inspirational verses, created by an artist-illustrator who wanted to find hope throughout her father’s battle with prostate cancer. Its images convey happiness and hope; its words remind readers of those everyday moments that give life meaning.


I can open my heart and feel your love,

pet my precocious cat and walk my bouncing dog.

Don’t bother me at two in the afternoon . . .

I am dancing wild steps!

. . . . . . . .

Laughing, you smell like raspberry muffins, and

suddenly alone disappears into your hugs.

. . . . . . . .

I may change outside

and even in . . .

But I will always, each and every day,

love to lick the brownie spoon.

Nothing can change that.

I can survive.

I will survive. . . . . . . .

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