Without your help, our cancer research funding could be cut in half.
Please help us ensure lifesaving cancer research doesn't pause during the pandemic.


A big thank you to the following donors who have provided a leadership gift in support of the Cancer Research Funding Challenge.

Jules L. Plangere, Jr. Family Foundation

Florida Blue

Randy F. Jones, Physician Assistant 

Mark Goldberg, MD and Ursula Kaiser, MD

F.M. Kirby Foundation

The Lisa Dean Moseley Foundation

Anonymous Family Foundation – Naples, FL


American Cancer Society’s research fills me with the most hope. Without it, the drugs that I’m currently taking wouldn’t be available. When or if my protocol stops working I want there to be another one in place just as good or better.

Shannon - Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver


Research Lifecycle

Research takes decades to come to life. Today’s cancer breakthrough began perhaps 10 to 20 years ago with a novel idea from a single investigator. 

  • The American Cancer Society conducts research and provides funding to brilliant and innovative researchers.
  • Research is conducted over years or decades, moved along with important incremental discoveries.
  • Breakthroughs occur only after years of foundational work.
  • Support given today will save lives in the decades to come.

Invest in Researchers

  • Launching the careers of talented cancer researchers at the beginning of their profession remains our top priority.                 
  • A robust and diverse community of cancer scientists is critical to continued progress in the fight against cancer.
  • Right now, a lack of available funding for cancer research could divert early-stage investigators and underrepresented groups from continuing in the field.

Health Disparities

We’re conducting and supporting health disparities research.
As of March 1, 2020, the American Cancer Society is funding 59 health disparities research grants, reflecting $50 million in research to better understand what cancer disparities and inequities exist, what causes them, and how to decrease them.


We are fighting for a future where:

Cancer is preventable and treatable

Cancer diagnoses decrease, and life expectancies increase

Affordable, high-quality treatments move from lab to bedside quickly

Everyone has a fair and just opportunity to survive cancer

With your support, we can continue our pace of discovery and fight for a better future.