Peter J. Briggs, MPH

Senior Director, Study Management


Peter Briggs joined the American Cancer Society in 1998 to coordinate the collection of 40,000 blood specimens from Cancer Prevention Study-II (CPS-II) participants at over 300 hospitals in 20 states. In 2001, as director of CPS records, he brought the two methods of cancer verification (medical record collection and registry linkage) under his management. For over two decades, Briggs has contributed extensive knowledge and experience to all major decisions involving data collection, processing and maintenance for the CPS-II and CPS-3 cohorts. 


Peter Briggs leads a team of staff responsible for the collection of cancer outcome information through medical record acquisition and cancer registry linkage in two large prospective cohort studies, CPS-II and CPS-3. The team utilizes medical records to abstract pertinent diagnostic, prognostic and treatment data for each cancer diagnosis. Similarly, the team manages the verification of cancer diagnoses through linkage with 37 central cancer registries including Institutional Review Board approval, data delivery and data harmonization. Briggs and his team ensure that all deidentified data collected from medical records and cancer registry linkages are carefully prepared and released to researchers.  


  • MPH, Epidemiology, Emory University, 2001