Peter J. Briggs, MPH

Senior Director, Study and Biospecimen Management, Epidemiology Research Program

Peter J. Briggs, MPH is an epidemiologist and one of the three directors of the Study and Biospecimen Management Group responsible for managing the collection and processing of biospecimens and all incoming data from CPS-II and CPS-3 participants for epidemiologic studies. Briggs co-manages the budget allocated for these activities as well as co-leads a team of 10 staff and various vendors to ensure proper data collection and processing from surveys, medical records, and record linkages as well as biospecimen collection, monitoring and storage.

Briggs’ work focuses on a few major areas. First, Briggs coordinates and supervises the consent and acquisition of medical records in both cohorts to ascertain cancer diagnoses. Utilizing the medical records, he oversees the process that reviews and abstracts pertinent diagnostic, prognostic and treatment data for each cancer diagnosis. He also manages the verification of cancer diagnoses through linkage with over 30 state cancer registries including IRB approval, data delivery and data harmonization. Likewise, Briggs supervises the consent and acquisition of tumor and normal tissue collected from CPS-II and CPS-3 participants diagnosed with cancer. Lastly, he manages the vendor relationships responsible for consent mailings and medical record acquisition and supervises the work and training of a staff of five ACS employees (including those responsible for participant contact).

For almost two decades, Briggs has worked in the Study Management Group at the American Cancer Society and has played a role in all major decisions involving data collection, processing and maintenance. At the beginning of his career with ACS in 1998, he coordinated the collection of 40,000 blood specimens from CPS-II participants at over 300 hospitals in 20 states and assisted in the planning of the collection of 70,000 buccal samples. In 2001, as manager of CPS records he brought the two methods of cancer verification (medical records and registry linkage) under his guidance leading to a similar though expanded role in 2005 as director. Also in 2005, his responsibilities expanded to include providing input into CPS-3 study design and implementation and the eventual research activities around cancer verification for this cohort. Finally, since 1998, Briggs has been the ERP liaison with the Emory University IRB, serving as a committee member from 2009-2011.

Prior to joining the American Cancer Society, Briggs worked as a research supervisor at the Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics, Rollins School of Public Health on the CARE, OVCARE and WISH studies primarily around biospecimen collection and data management.

• MPH, Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 2001
• BS cum laude, Biology, St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York, 1985