W. Ryan Diver, MSPH

Director, Data Analysis


W. Ryan Diver leads a team of six scientists responsible for statistical analysis. His primary duties involve ensuring there is appropriate programming support for the senior researchers and overseeing analytic processes and methods that are used for the behavioral and epidemiology research. He conducts statistical analyses on a wide variety of topics in the Cancer Prevention Studies (CPS) and is experienced in prospective data analysis, genomics and geospatial research. 


Diver’s research focuses on environmental and occupational exposures and their relationship to cancer risk and mortality. As an active collaborator on air pollution research (including fine particulate matter, ozone, radon, and benzene), this research has been important to understanding the links between air pollution and cancer risk and mortality in the general population. 

Diver has published on the associations of tobacco smoke with non-Hodgkin lymphomas, as well as childhood exposure to secondhand smoke and its relationship to death in adulthood. His latest research interest is in the changing work patterns in modern society; to help study this, Diver has been involved in the development and validation of shiftwork and ambient light survey question in CPS-3. 


  • MSPH, Epidemiology and Environmental/Occupational Health, Emory University, 2002


For a full list of Diver’s publications, visit his Google Scholar page.