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VOICES of Black Women: Blood Substudy

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This substudy aims to help researchers at the American Cancer Society better understand the health conditions that affect Black women.

What does this substudy involve?

A blood sample

Human blood is a time capsule that can tell us about your past or present exposures and future disease risk.

  • Researchers will study your blood sample to look at the genetic information you were born with as well as genetic changes that may have occurred in your body over time.
  • Researchers may also study your blood for things that naturally occur in your body (such as cholesterol, hormones, and markers of immunity) as well as things you may be exposed to during your lifetime like infections or environmental pollutants and toxins.

Your physical measurements

We’ll also measure height, weight, waist, and blood pressure. This information will help us know more about your overall health and risk of disease.

A brief survey

A survey will be used along with your blood sample to better understand any recent exposures or behaviors that might affect your sample, like medications you’ve recently taken.

How Will This Improve the Lives and Health of Black Women?

Genetic ancestry and other factors that can be measured in your blood sample can provide researchers with clues about who may be at a higher or lower risk of developing cancer and other health conditions. A blood sample, in combination with information about day-to-day exposures, will provide important insights on how to improve the health of Black women.