Jiler Conference for Professors & Fellows — The Feedback

ACS Professors, postdocs, and staff applauded the Jiler sessions and spirit.

What would you say to an ACS donor who asked:

“What was the most valuable aspect of the 2022 Jiler Conference?”

“The ideas and excitement I came back with.

I get to tell people about (ACS Professor) Luis Parada's talk as an example of HOPE.

I get to tell my colleagues about (ACS Professor) Jennifer Grandis' amazing and really sad talk (on gender equity in science).

And I get to tell my colleagues here about the ACS's efforts to support the postdocs during the pandemic.

Finally, I get to tell my lab about ideas for experiments that came out of my discussion with (ACS Professor) Dick McIntosh.” 

R. Scott Hawley, PhD
ACS Research Professor
Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, Missouri


Jennifer Grandis, MD, ACS grantee from University California San Francisco, gave a keynote speech on "Building and Sustaining Careers in Academic Medicine: A Gender Equity Lens," which highlighted inequities affecting women in science. Her talk received a standing ovation.

“The exposure to other researchers’ ideas and methods.

I truly appreciated being challenged to consider problems, pathways, and solutions that I had not thought of before.” 

Suzanne Vang, PhD
ACS Postdoctoral Fellow at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York while at conference
Now Assistant Professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Watch a video about her ACS grant

"It was a truly unique experience . . . and such a special occasion to be able to be part of this broad array of fantastic current and (hopefully) future faculty. I know for sure that I have made many connections that will be of enormous professional and personal value for many years to come."

Joanna Kovalski, PhD
ACS Postdoctoral Fellow
Laboratory of Davide Ruggero
University of California, San Francisco

“Bringing junior researchers together.

It's a great way to jump-start new scientific ideas and collaborations. As a result, this meeting will stimulate future advances in cancer research.” 

Payton Stevens, PhD
ACS Postdoc Fellow
Van Andel Research Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan




“Building a sense of community.

And reminding us that we are all working towards the same goal:  helping cancer patients.”

Beth Karlan, MD
ACS Clinical Research Professor 
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in New York