We fund All Types of Research

The American Cancer Society (ACS) funds a wide range of investigator-initiated cancer research. We believe that the best science will provide the greatest benefit. That’s why the goal of our Extramural Discovery Sciences program is to fund the most creative, innovative, and promising projects from the grant applications we receive, for any type of cancer and within any part of the research continuum.

Grant applicants may propose projects focused on any of these areas:

* Basic discovery science, where the goal is to uncover fundamental mechanisms of biology, cancer, or behavior
* Development of novel therapeutics
* Translational cancer research, where the goal is to further demonstrate how a discovery can be moved into the clinic

Proposals can include the use of diverse preclinical cancer models (i.e., in silico/computational, cells, organoids and/or animals). Research can also focus on clinical research with people to better understand a disease and to test and refine new treatments and technologies. This includes clinical trials, epidemiologic and behavioral studies, and health services research. Our portfolio reflects this diverse scope.

Each of our Scientific Research Programs accepts applications from most grant mechanisms (exceptions are made for some special initiatives). Beginning in 2021, some restrictions will be applied to certain areas of cancer research for which the ACS has made substantial investments within the Data Science and Population Science ACS research programs.

PRCs Matched with New Extramural Scientific Programs

EDS PRC Restructure Diagram

The PRC Key to the right of the graphic lists the names of the old peer review committees (PRCs). Arrows in the graphic show which scientific program the old PRC topics are now associated with.