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Fight the Fight

American Cancer Society Joins with Amgen Oncology and The Players’ Tribune to Highlight Cancer Disparities through Powerful Stories from Pro Athletes.

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Amgen Oncology, the American Cancer Society, and The Players' Tribune have teamed up to raise awareness and support for achieving health equity in the fight against cancer.  African Americans have the lowest survival rate for most cancers due in large part to the lack of access to prevention and treatment resources. Cancer is also the leading cause of death among Hispanic/Latinx people. Racial biases and discrimination in health care and many other aspects in society contribute to health disparities for historically underrepresented racial and ethnic communities in America. 

This unique series entitled “Fight the Fight” will explore health equity by bringing together some of the most notable athletes across professional sports to share their personal experience in the fight against cancer, and how they are striving for equality in the healthcare system for people of color. 

Our mission is to ensure that no one is disadvantaged in their fight against cancer and to eliminate barriers to cancer prevention and treatment in underserved black and brown communities. 

This exclusive partnership will feature a collection of personal stories about the cancer experiences of athletes who have been impacted and will gather a panel of athletes and medical professionals to discuss the inequities and how to dismantle these barriers to cancer survival by providing a path to equitable access to prevention and treatment. Learn more about what these athletes are doing to highlight the critical need to address health disparities in our communities. 

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If we can find it early, almost every cancer we can treat.

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American Cancer Society Board of Directors

Empower Yourself, Your Families, and Your Communities in the Fight for Health Equity:

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