The American Cancer Society’s Take ACTION (Advanced Coaching Training in Oncology Navigation) Program is a professionally developed training experience designed to enhance navigation services to include more tailored patient support and coaching.

Results of a pilot program reveal that:

  • Patients use action plans and skills learned in coaching sessions to effectively overcome multiple barriers to care.
  • Patients experience significant increases in activation and engagement as a result of the coaching sessions.
  • Patients’ overall level of satisfaction with the navigation program increases with their engagement with the Take ACTION process.

Take ACTION Process

Take ACTION Training Provides Navigators with the Skills to:

  • Support patients in overcoming barriers that impact access to and completion of treatment using tailored action plans and coaching.
  • Use coaching and communication strategies to empower patients with the information, skills, confidence, and support necessary to more actively participate in their health care.
  • Demonstrate appropriate follow up and support for patients as they move through and out of treatment.
  • Assess activation and engagement and barrier management to measure outcomes.

Take ACTION Program Includes Access to:

  • Seven self-guided, online, interactive learning modules 
  • Sample tools, including action plans and outcome measurement templates
  • In-person training opportunities to allow participants an opportunity to practice and receive expert feedback  
  • Web-based, group learning activities using ECHO to support collaborative case-based learning and share best practices  

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