Jacqui Drope, MPH

Managing Director, Global Cancer Prevention

Jacqui directs programs that support country-led, evidence-based interventions to prevent cancer with a particular focus on tobacco control, healthy eating, active living, and HPV vaccination. These programs focus on strengthening cancer information, education and communications in low- and middle-income countries and influencing the advancement of local policy change for health outcomes.

For five years Jacqui led the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded African Tobacco Control Consortium, a collaboration of prominent African and international tobacco control organizations that supported capacity building of local organizations to develop and implement policy interventions at the country level. At the International Development Research Centre, Jacqui managed the African Tobacco Situational Analysis initiative that resulted in the political mapping of tobacco control in twelve African countries and was one of the first intensive compilations of this type of information in Africa.

Jacqui has a unique mix of experience having worked in, and consulted for, various types of health organizations including the International Union Against Cancer, Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, the World Health Organization, Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research, University of California San Francisco Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, Health Canada and the Senate of Canada.