How to Donate Air Miles

Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Frontier Airlines currently support the American Cancer Society’s mission to save lives by offering their passengers and employees the opportunity to donate frequent flyer miles to people with cancer and their families for travel to and from cancer-related treatment. For additional information, contact us.

Delta SkyWish Program


Since the SkyWish donation program’s partnership with the Society began in 2005, approximately 2.5 million miles have been contributed to help people facing cancer get the transportation they need to get well.

Visit Delta's website to donate your miles or send an email and include your name, SkyMiles number, donation amount and telephone number. Please be sure to identify the American Cancer Society as your Delta SkyWish charity recipient organization.

Donations can also be made if you call the automated SkyMiles number at 1-800-325-3999 and identify the American Cancer Society as your Delta SkyWish charity recipient organization.

United Mileage Plus Charity Miles® Program


Since 1996, United Airlines passengers have donated more than one billion miles to meet the urgent travel needs of children, families, humanitarian aid workers and volunteers.

Visit United's website to donate your United Mileage Plus miles to help save lives from cancer or call the Mileage Plus customer service number at 1-800-421-4655 and identify the American Cancer Society as the charity recipient organization. When you call, please have available your Mileage Plus number, password, email address, and the number of miles to be donated.

Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns® Mileage Program


Do you have miles sitting around collecting dust? Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns members may donate their miles in 1,000 mile increments. Frontier requires members to call the EarlyReturns desk at 1-866-263-2759 to make their contributions.