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Anusila Deka, MPH

Senior Scientist, Study Management
Population Science

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What Inspires Me

I will always remember a phone conversation I had many years ago with a gentleman whose parents were both CPS-II participants. His mother had passed away from cancer. Whenever I think about the story of his parents and the love they shared, I’m reminded that our work is not about statistics or data – it is about people, and the lives they have that we are trying to save.”

At ACS since 2005

Anusila Deka, MPH, is a senior scientist in the Study Management team in Population Science. She corresponds with American Cancer Society (ACS) central cancer registries partners and coordinates periodic linkages to 37 central cancer registries in the United States to verify cancer diagnoses among participants in the ACS Cancer Prevention Studies, CPS-II and CPS-3.

Deka also harmonizes and prepares cancer outcome data for analytic use by Population Science investigators. She also oversees the maintenance of approvals and agreements with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and cancer registries nationwide for ACS cohort studies and linkage projects.

Research focus and accomplishments

Deka joined the ACS in 2005 as a data analyst. After assisting with data collection efforts to help establish the CPS-II tumor tissue repository, she transitioned to an analytic role within the Study Management team. 

Deka enjoys continuing long-term relationships with ACS registry partners as well as her analytic role. She’s responsible for preparing verified cancer outcome data, which includes diagnostic, prognostic, and treatment information related to a participant’s cancer diagnosis.


For a list of Deka's publications, visit her Google Scholar page.




Work before ACS

I am fortunate that I joined ACS after completing my MPH in 2005 and have remained with the organization every since. 


  • MPH: Epidemiology, University of Southern California, 2005
  • BS: Biology, Emory University, 2003