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Current Grants by Cancer Type

Current as of February 1, 2024


Cancer Type

Number of Grants**

Funded Amount ($)

Specific Amount ($)

Blood Cancer4372,270,96347,527,416
Brain Tumor4725,336,10016,026,460
Breast Cancer163127,853,94883,409,550
Cervical Cancer1923,767,5839,057,288
Colon and Rectal Cancer8265,423,78231,408,250
Head and Neck Cancer2919,963,66410,428,073
Kidney Cancer2118,690,0005,961,500
Liver Cancer3026,391,39815,432,700
Lung Cancer9368,345,15037,140,830
Ovarian Cancer4227,451,99814,627,045
Pancreatic Cancer4625,454,48313,262,377
Prostate Cancer4338,399,68319,334,649
Sarcoma (soft tissue)1810,373,5004,216,070
Other Cancer Types13896,730,462########
Applies to all cancers425130,145,217104,461,984
Grand Total725 472,600,547


Areas of Cancer Research

Number of Grants 

Funded Amount ($)

Childhood Cancer4928,182,100


≠ Applies to all cancers: The grant projects included here have relevance to cancer in general but have not been designated to any specific cancer type.

** Total number of grants does not equal the sum of the numbers shown in the number of grants column.  In many cases, a grant project may have a focus that is linked to more than one type of cancer because of similarities between cancers. Thus, an individual grant project may be listed in more than one cancer type.

Glossary Funded Amount - The total value of funding that was awarded to a single, or a group of, research or training grants for a specific type of cancer (or area of cancer research) and includes funding for some grant projects that may be minimally related to that type of cancer (or area of cancer research).

Specific Amount - The portion of the total funding that was awarded to a single research project for a specific type of cancer. The specific amount is calculated by multiplying the total funded amount by the percent relevance for the type of cancer in question.

For example, a project with a funded amount of $120,000 that's been coded with 50% relevance to the cancer type "lung" has specific funding of $60,000 (120,000 x 0.50) for "lung."

Total Specific Amount for a Particular Type of Cancer - The total specific funding for a particular type of cancer in the entire research and training program is the sum of the specific funding for each type of cancer within all research and training grant projects.