FAQs: ACS Extramural Discovery Science and Grant Application Submissions

Extramural Discovery Science (EDS) has 3 scientific programs with 12 peer review committees (PRCs) that cover the cancer research continuum.

What are the 3 EDS Scientific Programs?

Our Scientific Programs:

  • Biochemistry and Immunology of Cancer Research
  • Cell Biology and Preclinical Cancer Research
  • Clinical and Cancer Control Research

What happens if I select a Scientific Program that isn’t the best fit for my proposal? 

While your selection helps guide the sorting of applications, we determine the final placement within PRCs to ensure that it's been assigned to the most appropriate one. You'll receive an acknowledgment letter after the application deadline indicating which PRC will review your application.

I’m resubmitting my application. Should I list my previous peer review committee or a new one?

Please use the committee code from your previous submission, even if that committee no longer not exists. We’ll assign the application to the PRC with the appropriate expertise. Note that you’ll also need to select the new EDS scientific program that’s associated with your selected PRC.
Example: Your application was previously reviewed by Cancer Drug Discovery (CDD). So you should list CDD in proposalCENTRAL as the previous committee. You also need to select the scientific program is Cell Biology and Preclinical Cancer Research.

When are Institutional Research Grant (IRG) applications accepted?

The deadline for IRG applications is April 1.  The review of IRGs is managed by the Clinical and Cancer Control Research Program.

What can I do if I'd like to make a case for eligibility?

If your question is about Fall applications, by September 1, send a request for an evaluation of eligibility and any questions to grant.eligibility@cancer.org. For questions about Spring applications, send by February 15. 


  • A letter about the rationale for requesting an exception to the ACS eligibility rules  
  • A full curriculum vitae (not a biosketch)

If your request is approved, you'll receive a formal letter confirming your eligibility to apply. When you send in your application, add your confirmation letter to the appendix.