Extramural Research Department Staff Contacts

Office of Senior Vice President of Extramural Research

William C. Phelps, PhD, Senior Vice President of Extramural Research
Department Contact Information
(404) 329-7558
Fax (404) 417-5974

Kim A. Smith, Extramural Research Department Manager
(404) 329-7537

Program Offices and Peer Review Committees

Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry of Cancer

  • DNA Mechanisms in Cancer (DMC)
  • RNA Mechanisms in Cancer (RMC)
  • Tumor Biochemistry and Endocrinology (TBE)

Michael H. Melner, PhD, Senior Scientific Director
Kimberly Clarke, PhD, Program Manager
(404) 329-7920

Cancer Cell Biology and Metastasis

  • Cell Cycle and Growth Control (CCG)
  • Cell Structure and Metastasis (CSM)
  • Development, Differentiation, and Cancer (DDC)

Charles (Karl) Saxe, PhD, Senior Scientific Director
Patrice Davis, Program Manager

Translational Cancer Research

  • Cancer Drug Discovery (CDD)
  • Microbial Pathogenesis and Cancer (MPC)
  • Tumor Biology and Genomics (TBG)

Lynne Elmore, PhD, Scientific Director
Kimberly Clarke, Senior Program Manager
(404) 329-7920

Clinical Cancer Research, Nutrition, and Immunology

  • Clinical Cancer Research, Nutrition, and Epidemiology (CCE)
  • Leukemia, Immunology, and Blood Cell Development (LIB)
  • Mission Boost Grant (MBG)

Susanna Greer, PhD, Scientific Director
Patrice Davis, Program Manager

Cancer Control and Prevention Research

  • Cancer Control and Prevention: Psychosocial and Behavioral Research (CPPB)
  • Cancer Control and Prevention: Health Policy and Health Services (CPHPS)
  • Palliative Care and Symptom Management Research (PCSM)

Elvan C. Daniels, MD, MPH, Senior Scientific Director
Chanda Felton, MPH, Program Manager
(404) 329-5740

Health Professional Training in Cancer Control 

  • Physician Training Awards in Cancer Control
  • Scholarships in Oncology Nursing
  • Oncology Social Work Training
  • Institutional Research Grants

Chanda Felton, Program Manager
(404) 329-5740

Extramural Research Finance Office

April Jones, MBA, Extramural Finance Manager
(404) 417-5907

Research Integration

Joya Harris, MPH, Director, Research Integration
(404) 417-8048

Research Special Funding
Zachary Morris, Manager, Special Funding
(404) 929-6821

Constituent Engagement

Joseph Cotter, MA, Manager, Research Constituent Engagement
(404) 329-5773

Office of Operations

Linda Kee, MBA, PMP, Senior Director, Extramural Operations & Information
(404) 329-5776

Annette Jordan, Grant Applications Manager
(404) 329-7546

Greta McShan, Grants Manager
(404) 329-7536