Susan Herrington

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Governance and Corporate Services

Susan Herrington is the executive vice president for Enterprise Governance and Corporate Services for the American Cancer Society. She is the senior most staff leader responsible for enterprise-wide volunteer governance of the American Cancer Society, Inc. and the Society’s nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy affiliate the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). Her responsibilities include strategic agenda development, management of the American Cancer Society, Inc. Board operations including the nominating process, committee appointments, and Board and volunteer leadership development. She serves as the primary relationship manager between the leadership staff and the Board members and senior volunteer leadership. Her Corporate Services responsibilities include the management of a variety of service teams supporting enterprise-wide meetings, conference and event production, meetings and travel procurement and vendor management, exhibit marketing and management, volunteer development, and conference and event coordination with external partners and collaborators.

Prior to joining the American Cancer Society, Susan spent many years as a conference and event producer working with several companies including US Motivation and The Coca-Cola Company. She joined the American Cancer Society in 1989 as a meeting planner. In 1990, she became the director of Meetings and Travel and in 1996 she was named the managing director for Corporate Affairs and National Meeting Services. In May of 2000, Susan was given the opportunity to shine in the role of national vice president for Strategic Governance and Corporate Affairs. In 2014, Susan was once again recognized for her commitment to the mission of the Society in her current role as executive vice president for Enterprise Governance and Corporate Services.

She has been with the American Cancer Society for 25 years and serves as a member of the Enterprise Leadership Team.