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When Your Child's Treatment Ends

The end of a child's cancer treatment can bring mixed emotions.  You may feel excited, happy, hopeful, and scared or worried all at once.   You may find that it is hard to be done with treatment in ways you did not expect.  We will review some of the challenges families face at the end of treatment and some suggestions for managing the transition.

Getting Back to Normal After Your Child Finishes Cancer Treatment

Although it’s a struggle that can feel very uncertain at times, most families are able to find a “new normal” after a child’s cancer.  It takes time to adjust after treatment ends.  Here is an overview of the some challenges families have when treatment ends and some suggestions for how to manage.

Returning to School After Cancer Treatment

During your child’s cancer treatment, ask the doctor and the cancer care team to estimate when they think your child will be able to return to school. After you have a likely date, you can talk with the cancer team social worker and/or child life specialist to get some ideas about the next steps of this process.