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When Your Child Is Going Through Cancer Treatment

Treating childhood cancer often means consulting with medical specialists, especially if problems come up. Social, emotional, educational, and spiritual issues are also part of childhood cancer, and there are other specialists who can help patients and family with them. 

Navigating the Health Care System When Your Child Has Cancer

Comprehensive care – using the services of many professionals working together – is the standard approach at all major medical centers that treat young people with cancer

How to Talk to Your Child’s Cancer Care Team

Good communication among patients, families, and health care team members is very important. Cancer treatment and follow-up care are intense and complex. Everyone involved must have confidence and trust in one another and be able to work well together.

Helping Your Child Manage School During Cancer Treatment

Though it may not seem important in light of everything else going on, keeping up with schoolwork should be a priority.

Finding Help and Support When Your Child Has Cancer

Most centers have a broad range of services and programs to support children and family members through the entire cancer experience. This includes diagnosis through treatment and even the months and years after treatment.