Children Diagnosed With Cancer: Dealing With Diagnosis

When a child or teen is diagnosed with cancer, families and parents will face and need to cope with many problems. Here we offer ideas for coping and moving forward after your child’s diagnosis. This is one in a series of documents for parents and loved ones of a child with cancer. The other pieces cover issues like returning to school, dealing with the health care system, and financial and insurance matters.

There are many kinds of families today. Single-parent families and blended families are common. There also might be trusted adults other than parents who are part of the daily lives of children, serving in parent and caregiver roles. A trusted adult who is involved in the daily life of the child with cancer (or the child’s siblings) can be greatly affected by the child’s cancer, too, and may be key to the family’s coping with it. When we use the word parent, it may also refer to one of these caregivers.