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Actively Calling Policies

All messaging used in our calling, as well as written materials mailed to our supporters, have been reviewed and approved by the American Cancer Society. We constantly strive to provide as much information as possible regarding our fundraising activities, and we are currently conducting telemarketing campaigns nationwide.

You may be visiting our website because you recently received a telephone call from our National Donor Stewardship and Telemarketing Center (NDSTC), a mailer, or you may have already pledged a generous donation of support and received your pledge letter in the mail.

You may have received a call from our fundraising team asking you to help support the programs and services we provide to cancer patients and their loved ones or to follow up on a donation that you already pledged to give.

You also may have received a call from our donor stewardship team to thank you for a donation that you recently made to the American Cancer Society. Please know that we identify ourselves as the American Cancer Society and avoid using acronyms (like ACS). You may always ask to speak to a supervisor if you’d like.

The American Cancer Society will never ask you for sensitive, personal identifying information (e.g., social security number, date of birth, bank account numbers, medical insurance information, driver’s license/ID number) on a fundraising call. We will only ask for payment information if you choose to donate via a credit/debit card and will only collect what is needed to process the transaction. All information collected will be used and protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you prefer not to provide information over the phone, you may also donate online through our website at

If you have any questions or would like more information about a call you received from our National Donor Stewardship and Telemarketing Center, please feel free to call the donor services line at 1.800.226.2373 and speak to a customer service representative. You may also email us at

About the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is a national, non-profit community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. Our Global Headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and we have regional and local offices throughout the country to ensure we have a presence in every community. Our Organization is composed of volunteers, supporters, doctors, researchers, staff, and donors.

At the American Cancer Society, we're on a mission to free the world from cancer. Until we do, we'll be funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. All so you can live longer — and better. 

From funding breakthrough research for new cures, treatments, and ways to prevent cancer, to providing patient programs and services, to advocating for policy change that saves more lives — we're doing everything in our power to create a world without cancer.

National Do Not Call Registry

Placing your number on the National Do Not Call Registry will stop most telemarketing calls, but not all. Because of limitations in the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), calls from or on behalf of political organizations, charities, and telephone surveyors may still be permitted, as are calls from companies with which you have an existing business relationship or those to whom you’ve given written permission to call you. Additional questions and answers concerning the National Do Not Call Registry can be found at

As a public charity, the American Cancer Society is not covered by the requirements of the National Do Not Call Registry.  However, we respect your privacy and recognize that you may wish to limit the ways in which we contact you.  If you do not want to receive calls from or on behalf of the American Cancer Society, you may ask at any time to be removed from our calling list.  We will be glad to place your phone number(s) on our internal "do-not-call" list.  You can also email us at to request restrictions or complete our Opt Out Form on to limit how we contact you.

Again, if you have any questions or would like more information about a call you received from our National Donor Stewardship and Telemarketing Center, please feel free to call our donor services line at 1.800.226.2373 and speak to a customer service representative, or email us at


Our highest priority is to implement policies to guarantee that every dollar is spent wisely. Our board, composed entirely of volunteers from the medical and lay communities, ensures that all spending is done with the utmost integrity.

We are fully committed to providing our constituents with the program and services they need and deserve. Our organization deeply appreciates the generosity of the public who make this support possible.

You don’t have to wait to be asked for a gift! You may donate to the American Cancer Society any time online at, by mailing a donation to The American Society Gift Processing Center, PO Box 630353, Cincinnati, OH 45263 or by calling 1.800.227.2345

The American Cancer Society is a qualified 501(c)(5) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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