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Key Statistics for Endometrial Cancer

How common is endometrial cancer?

In the United States, cancer of the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) is the most common cancer of the female reproductive organs. The American Cancer Society estimates for cancer of the uterus in the United States for 2024 are:

  • About 67,880 new cases of cancer of the uterus will be diagnosed.
  • About 13,250 women will die from cancers of the uterus.

These estimates include both endometrial cancers and uterine sarcomas. Up to 10% of uterine cancers are sarcomas, so the actual numbers for endometrial cancer cases and deaths are slightly lower than these estimates.

Who gets endometrial cancer?

Endometrial cancer affects mainly post-menopausal women. The average age of women diagnosed with endometrial cancer is 60. It's uncommon in women under the age of 45.

This cancer is more common in Black women than in White women.

Over the past decade, incidence rates have continued to increase by about 1% per year in White women and 2% to 3% per year in women of all other racial/ethnic groups.

Uterine cancer is one of the few cancers with increasing mortality; since the mid-2000s the death rate has risen by 1.7% per year. Black women are more likely to die from it.

There are more than 600,000 survivors of endometrial cancer in the US today.

Visit the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Statistics Center for more key statistics.

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Last Revised: January 17, 2024

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