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Signs and Symptoms of Endometrial Cancer

There are a few symptoms that may point to endometrial cancer. Some are more common as the cancer becomes advanced (grows and spreads).

Unusual vaginal bleeding, spotting, or other discharge

About 90% of women with endometrial cancer have abnormal vaginal bleeding. This might be a change in their periods, bleeding between periods, or bleeding after menopause. Non-cancer problems can also cause abnormal bleeding. But it's important to have a doctor check out any irregular bleeding right away. If you've gone through menopause, it’s especially important to report any vaginal bleeding, spotting, or abnormal discharge to your doctor.

Non-bloody vaginal discharge may also be a sign of endometrial cancer. Even if you can't see blood in the discharge, it doesn't mean there's no cancer. Any abnormal discharge should be checked out by a doctor.

Pelvic pain, a mass, and weight loss

Pain in the pelvis, feeling a mass (tumor), and losing weight without trying can also be symptoms of endometrial cancer. These symptoms are more common in later stages of the disease. Still, any delay in seeking medical help may allow the disease to progress even further. This lowers the odds of treatment being successful.

Although any of these symptoms can be caused by things other than cancer, it’s important to have them checked out by a doctor.

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Last Revised: March 27, 2019

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