Targeted Therapy for Uterine Sarcomas

Targeted therapy is treatment with drugs that are made to target changes in the cancer cells. Some people group them with chemotherapy, but they aren't the same. Targeted therapies leave most healthy cells alone. They often cause fewer and different side effects than chemo. They are very new in the treatment of certain types of uterine sarcoma

Pazopanib (Votrient) is a targeted therapy that may be used to treat leiomyosarcoma that has spread or come back after treatment. 

Side effects include things like high blood pressure, headache, and skin changes. 

Targeted therapy is used to treat many types of cancer, but it's still new in the treatment of uterine sarcoma. As doctors learn more about these cancer cells it could become an important part of treatment.

See Targeted Therapy to learn more about this cancer treatment.

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