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Relay For Life®

For over 35 years, communities across the world have come together to honor and remember loved ones and take action for lifesaving change. Relay For Life is a movement, a community of like-minded survivors, caregivers, volunteers, and participants who believe that the future can be free from cancer. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community is currently connecting in different ways. While our fundraising might look different right now, our passion to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer is unchanged.   

There are many ways you can get involved and support our Relay mission. Relay volunteers help with registration, logistics, participant support, and other unique opportunities based on the event’s location. Or you can be a Relay For Life participant or team captain and volunteer your time by participating in the event and fundraising. Thanks to its unique volunteer-driven model, Relay For Life is the world’s largest peer-to-peer fundraising event dedicated to saving lives from cancer. We are always in need of passionate volunteers who can unleash their creativity and find new and different ways to support Relay For Life and help fund our cancer-fighting work. 


Opportunities available nationwide.  

Time Commitment

Time commitment varies based on the volunteer role selected. 

Required Training

  • Relay For Life Event Leadership Team members who help plan the event may need to complete required training and orientation based on their roles. 
  • On-site training may be required for day-of-event volunteers.  


Although our in-person events have changed due to COVID-19 requirements, there are still benefits to partnering with Relay For Life. Each person who shares the Relay For Life experience can take pride in knowing that they are working to create a world where cancer will no longer threaten our loved ones. Volunteering at for Relay For Life is a great way to honor survivors, caregivers, and those lost to cancer. You get to support and work with your local community, build friendships, learn new skills, and have a lot of fun knowing you are making a difference. You can volunteer by yourself or gather a group of family and friends to make a difference together.  

Volunteer Positions and Responsibilities

  • Relay For Life Event Leadership Team members help plan and promote the event. They ensure everything is organized, from recruiting and motivating teams and sponsors to planning day-of-event ceremonies, virtual ceremonies, and alternative celebrations. 
  • Day-of-event volunteers help with logistics, information, and many other important activities. COVID-19 has introduced many new ways to help with day-of celebrations, including virtual events and safe, socially distanced activities. 
  • Relay For Life team members and team leaders volunteer their time toward participating in the event and fundraising. 

Additional Requirements

  • Requirements vary depending on the role.  
  • If you elect to be a participant, whether as a team member or team leader, you will need to sign up for the event. 
To sign up to volunteer with Relay for Life, please visit our Volunteer Community and select "Relay for Life" from the program filter.