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With your help, the American Cancer Society is saving lives that might otherwise be lost to cancer. We are extremely committed to our obligation to spend donor dollars wisely. Here’s a year-end glimpse at how your donations helped save lives every day — by the numbers. Data is from 2015.

Here’s How We Spent the Donation Money

Overall, 75% of Society resources go to cancer research, patient support, prevention information and education and detection and treatment. The remaining 25% of resources are spent of management compensation, and general infrastructure, and fundraising expenses.

Resources allocated to Program Services include:

  • $151 million spent on Cancer Research
  • $348 million spent on Patient Support
  • $123 million spent on Prevention Information/Education
  • $87 million spent on Detection and Treatment

Resources allocated to Supporting Services include:

  • $52 million spent on Management and General Expenses 
  • $180 million spent on Fundraising Expenses

Here’s Where The Money Came From

99% of our donors were people like you via special events, personal and corporate contributions and bequests. 1% of our support came from  grants and contracts from government agencies and income from investments.

Making A Difference

We’ve seen a 23% decline in cancer death rates since 1991. That’s 1.7 million lives saved.

COURAGE: Helping people take steps to stay healthy

  • 1.7 Million Outreach Interventions to reduce the unequal burden of cancer
  • 3,800 Corporate Partnerships to increase awareness for our cause
  • 500 Corporate CEOs and Leaders making health and wellness a priority in the workplace
  • 2 Million Volunteers brought together to help save lives from cancer

DETERMINATION: Rallying communities and creating partnerships to help save lives

  • 150,000 Petitions Signed restoring $2 billion in research funding to the federal budget
  • 63 Municipalities Passing Laws for smoke-free workplaces, restaurants, and bars
  • 12 States Increasing Funding for cancer research, prevention, and screening programs

INNOVATION: Finding cancer’s causes and cures

  • $95 Million in Funding for cancer research grants
  • $4.5 Billion Invested in cancer research since 1946
  • 800 Grantees Supported at any given time throughout the country
  • 1,000 Downloads per Day of the Society’s comprehensive publication of cancer data, Cancer Facts & Figures

CARING AND EMPATHY: Helping people face cancer today

  • Million Requests from people seeking information and support
  • 267,000 Nights of Free Lodging at American Cancer Society Hope Lodge® facilities
  • 50,265 Patients Helped to navigate through the health care system
  • 10,990 Peer Support Services Provided to breast cancer patients
  • 34,470 People Helped With appearance-related side effects of treatment

Support the American Cancer Society

Our vision is a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer. Together with our millions of supporters, we are getting closer to that goal every day. Together, we are stronger than cancer. Get Involved.

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