American Cancer Society 2016 Stewardship Report

With a theme of “Freeing the World from the Pain and Suffering of Cancer,” the American Cancer Society 2016 Annual Stewardship Report describes how we strive to fulfill our mission to eliminate cancer as a major health problem, showcases our accomplishments, and details revenue and spending for the calendar year 2015. 

As well, the 2016 Annual Stewardship Report documents and highlights our comprehensive and important program of work and shows our organizational outcomes measured against established, evidence-based objectives. And, it is an opportunity to recognize the countless contributions of our volunteers and leadership who join with us in our work to save lives from cancer.

The American Cancer Society may not be publicly traded, but we consider ourselves publicly held. We want everyone to know how we are performing against our stated business goals and how we are fulfilling our mission, how we hold ourselves accountable, and how we ultimately measure our work. At a time when donors and volunteers have many charitable choices, the American Cancer Society understands its obligation to demonstrate and communicate effectiveness.

Please take a moment to review the audited and certified financial information that is part of this Annual Stewardship Report. It is a great way to appreciate the depth of public commitment we receive each year as well as better understand the importance and scope of our work.  The 2016 Annual Stewardship Report is a record of what we have accomplished. It is also an invitation for you to join us.

View the American Cancer Society 2016 Stewardship Report [PDF version, 14.7 MB]