COVID-19 Effects on April 1, 2020 ACS Grant Proposals

Updates as of April 28, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant financial impact on the American Cancer Society (ACS), and our organization has had to make many tough, but necessary, decisions about both non-personnel and personnel expenditures. While we are not reducing our commitment to the breadth of cancer research, unfortunately due to serious budget constraints, we have limited the number of grant proposals to review. 

Please note that these decisions do not impact the most recently announced approved grants that will begin on September 1, 2020.

Reduced application review for April 1 submissions. We will review a limited set of grant proposals submitted in April to three priority grant mechanisms:

  • Postdoctoral fellowships
  • Research Scholar Grants with final resubmissions
  • Physician Training Awards in Cancer Prevention

Adjusted Peer Review dates for April 1 submissions. The peer review meetings scheduled for June to review applications submitted for the current cycle (April 1) will meet virtually in July or August. 

Plan for the remaining April 1 submissions: To ensure we honor the efforts of the remaining investigators who submitted recent proposals, we will provide an opportunity to utilize the current applications in the next round of grant submissions.

We regret having to make the decision to limit the applications reviewed during these difficult times, but we must balance our commitment to funding cancer research with our capacity and available resources.