COVID-19 No-Cost Extensions for Grants Ending 2020

Updates as of April 1, 2020.

Due to extenuating circumstances related to COVID-19, a streamlined, 6-month No-Cost Extension (NCE) is available for grant terms ending in 2020 for the following funding mechanisms:

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship (PF)
  • Research Scholar Grant (RSG)
  • Mentored Research Scholar Grant (MRSG)
  • Mission Boost Grant (MBG)
  • Pilot and Exploratory Projects in Palliative Care of Cancer Patients and their Families (PEP)
  • TheoryLab Collaborative Grant (TLC)
  • Graduate Scholarships in Cancer Nursing Practice (GSCNP)
  • Doctoral Degree Scholarships in Cancer Nursing (DSCN)
  • Master’s Training Grants in Clinical Oncology Social Work (MTGSW)
  • Doctoral Training Grants in Oncology Social Work (DTGSW)
  • Physician Training Awards in Cancer Prevention (PTACP)
  • Cancer Control Career Development Award (CCCDA) 

If you have one of the above mechanisms and would like to apply for a 6-month, no-cost extension, please go to proposalCENTRAL, and at the bottom of the deliverables tab, download and complete the COVID-19 Related No-Cost Extension Request Form.

After uploading the form, you will automatically receive an email confirming approval of the extended award term.

Note about standard NCE requests. The COVID-19-related NCE does not prevent request for a subsequent (up to 1-year) NCE, if allowable for that grant mechanism.