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The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) and UTR Sports partner with the American Cancer Society to promote healthy and active lifestyle as a way to reduce your cancer risk

The Association of Pickleball Players (APP), the American Cancer Society and UTR Sports are teaming up to fight cancer through Doubles Dink for Cancer, a first-of-its-kind community-based fundraising program designed to spark healthier living and raise crucial funds for the fight against cancer. The year-round program is designed to unite communities around the beloved sport of pickleball and in support of a single mission: to end cancer as we know it, for everyone.

With nearly 50 million adult Americans playing pickleball, Doubles Dink for Cancer invites players of all levels to play pickleball or organize an event to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost to cancer and raise funds to improve the lives of people with cancer and their families. Hosted on UTR Sports’ innovative software, these volunteer-led, round robin doubles tournaments can happen anytime, anywhere—from a local pickleball or tennis club, to community courts or even homemade, temporary courts lined with chalk. Events are designed to be fun and open to everyone, including the most experienced pickleball players and people picking up a paddle for the first time.

Pickleball offers physical, social and emotional benefits—all important to a battle against cancer. Doubles Dink for Cancer builds on this as a fun way to get moving, raise awareness and leverage the pickleball community for good. With the majority of people having a personal connection to cancer, we hope you join us in rallying behind the American Cancer Society to bring renewed hope for patients and their families on a national scale.

Ken Herrmann

APP Founder

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The partnership will showcase how pickleball can be a part of cancer avoidance all together by being a part of a healthy and active lifestyle, and by encouraging good sun safety habits.

  • Being active is one of the many things people can do to reduce their risk of cancer. A healthy diet and physical activity are linked with less cancer risk.
  • About 1 in 5 cancers in the US are linked to excess body weight and lack of physical activity. 16 out of 100 cancer deaths are related to those same factors. Some of these cancers could’ve been prevented.
  • The recommendation for adults is 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity or 75-150 minutes of vigorous intensity activity each week (or a combination of these).
  • Limit sedentary behavior such as sitting, lying down, watching television, or other forms of screen-based entertainment.
  • Regular physical activity has been linked to a lower risk of several types of cancer and a physically active lifestyle may also lower a person's risk of other health problems.
  • You can combat skin cancer by wearing protective clothing and sunglasses, avoiding sun at peak hours, applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30+, seeking shade, and avoiding sunbathing and tanning indoors.

Doubles Dink for Cancer is far more than a pickleball tournament – it unites communities around a beloved sport and towards a single mission: to end cancer as we know it, for everyone!

Learn how you can stay active and support this partnership

70% of proceeds from registration are supporting the ACS mission – and, by participating and staying physically active, players are taking steps towards cancer prevention.