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Cause Marketing

Thank you for your interest in Cause Marketing with the American Cancer Society. You probably know that the American Cancer Society funds research to help find cures from cancer, but we actually do a lot more than that. Together with our millions of supporters, the Society is saving lives in the fight against the disease in a number of ways. We help people stay well by working to prevent cancer or detect it early, when it’s most treatable. We also help people get well by providing the resources and support they might need whenever they need it to get through their cancer experience. And we fight back against the disease by working with elected officials to pass laws that defeat cancer and by bringing communities together to join the fight.

The bottom line is that with your help, the American Cancer Society saves lives every day.

Learn more about our nationwide cause branding promotions.

How Can You Help Save Lives?

Cause marketing ties the cooperative efforts of a “for-profit” business and a nonprofit organization for mutual benefit. By collaborating with the American Cancer Society you can differentiate your product or brand and make it even more relevant because consumers across all demographic groups know and trust the American Cancer Society. The Society is the largest voluntary health organization in the world with 96 percent brand recognition.

Interested in collaborating with the American Cancer Society? Please read the guidelines below to see if a cause marketing campaign with the American Cancer Society is the right fit for your organization.

  • Until a fully executed agreement is received by the organization, use of the American Cancer Society name, logo, or any of its licensed marks is strictly prohibited.
  • The American Cancer Society does not endorse or promote any company's products or services.
  • Any party that desires to obtain permission to use any of the American Cancer Society’s licensed marks, name, or toll-free number must execute a written contract with the American Cancer Society outlining how the licensed marks will be used.
  • For cause-related marketing programs and promotions created to support the American Cancer Society, a minimum 10 percent contribution of the product or service’s retail price is recommended
  • Please be advised that the American Cancer Society does not sell, loan, or distribute its mailing list or email addresses to any company or individual.
  • A minimum of one year in business is required for any organization seeking collaboration with the American Cancer Society.
  • The American Cancer Society does not work with any organization affiliated with tobacco and will not be affiliated with alcohol, baby skin-care products, or hair dye products.
  • The American Cancer Society operates under the Better Business Bureau guidelines for charitable giving. These guidelines require clear disclosure to the consumer, including disclosure of the exact portion of the purchase price that will go to the American Cancer Society from the sale of a product or service.
  • The American Cancer Society is unable to secure celebrities for promotional purposes.


Don’t think a cause marketing relationship is right for your organization?

Other opportunities include:

1. If you have products to sell and want to make a contribution to the American Cancer Society, please read the following:

You can sell your product on eBay and contribute to the American Cancer Society. eBay for Charity helps the Society raise funds on eBay by providing an opportunity for sellers to donate the proceeds from their sales to the American Cancer Society.

If you are interested in donating your eBay sales to the American Cancer Society. To register, please visit: eBay for Charity.

2. DIY Fundraising

If you want to:

  • Honor a loved one lost to cancer.
  • Celebrate a friend’s decade of survivorship.
  • Start a sporting event to raise money.
  • Make a birthday, wedding, or anniversary have a meaningful and lasting impact.
  • Run a marathon.
  • Host a bake sale.

You can memorialize the milestones in your life by turning them into a lifesaving effort. By taking advantage of our DIY Fundraising partnership with Raise Your Way, you join the fight against cancer by supporting the American Cancer Society to save and celebrate lives.

Regional or Local Collaborations

Some cause marketing proposals presented to the American Cancer Society are best delivered to our regional offices. The American Cancer Society Global Headquarters Cause Marketing Alliance will refer your proposal to the appropriate American Cancer Society Division near you for consideration if appropriate.