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Male Genitourinary System

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The male genitourinary (GU) system includes the male genitals, male reproductive organs, and urinary organs.

Male reproductive organs include the:

  • Prostate
  • Testicles
  • Penis

The male urinary organs include the:

  • Kidneys and ureters
  • Bladder and urethra

The prostate is a gland found only in males. It is below the bladder and in front of the rectum.

The testicles are 2 organs normally a little smaller than a golf ball in adult males. They're held within a sac of skin called the scrotum. The scrotum hangs under the base of the penis.

The penis is the external male sex organ. It's also part of the urinary system. The urethra runs through the penis and carries semen as well as urine.

The kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs, each about the size of a fist. They are attached to the upper back wall of the abdomen and protected by the lower rib cage. One kidney is just to the left and the other just to the right of the backbone.

The ureters carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

The bladder is a hollow organ in the lower pelvis whose main job is to store urine.

The urethra is a tube that runs through the penis connecting the bladder to an opening (called the meatus) on the outside of the body.

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Last Revised: December 13, 2022

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