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American Cancer Society and Genentech Drive Greater Health Equity and Outcomes for People Facing Cancer

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For nearly 40 years, American Cancer Society (ACS) and Genentech, a biotechnology company and member of the Roche Group, have collaborated in several efforts to advance vision to end cancer as we know it, for everyone.

Our partnership reflects the depth and breadth of our commitments to improving cancer outcomes for everyone across the continuum of care...The strength of our partnership derives from aligned organizational priorities and proven success in addressing emergent needs.

Dr. Karen Knudsen

CEO, American Cancer Society

From 2020-2023, Genentech partnered on ACS’s Get Screened initiative, meant to rapidly restore and improve cancer screening rates. This movement focused on increasing screening rates in communities that face historical inequities and those that were most significantly impacted by the pandemic. Now in its third year, the Get Screened campaign has had a profound impact on several fronts including protecting or increasing funding for breast and cervical cancer screening in 40 states, completing 345,600 breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancer screenings, diagnosing 6,600 breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancers, publishing 47 screening-related research manuscripts and launching two national roundtables on breast cancer and cervical cancer: National Breast Cancer Roundtable and the National Roundtable on Cervical Cancer.

In 2023, ACS and Genentech will work to deliver measurable improvements in cancer care, build a path toward progress in cancer equity and ensure that everyone has access to the quality screening, treatment and resources that they need. The goals of the partnership include:

  • Increase access to innovative, high-quality cancer care and improve health equity for marginalized populations
  • Expand the reach of patient navigation programs and seek policy changes to enhance patient services to support the needs of every individual and their family
  • Address health-related psychosocial needs for every person facing cancer and their families
  • Increase access to, and utilization of biomarker testing and emerging therapies
  • Increase discoveries and diverse representation in clinical trials

Every person with cancer should be able to access high quality care...To advance health equity, we must collaborate across the healthcare ecosystem to understand the root causes of disparities and focus on the communities most marginalized and underserved. We’re proud to partner with the American Cancer Society on this transformative work that builds upon our larger commitment to improve equitable health outcomes for all patients

Alexander Hardy

CEO, Genentech