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CPS-3 Repeat Blood Collection Substudy

CPS-3 Participants Donate a Second Blood Specimen to Enhance Cancer Research

When CPS-3 participants first enrolled in the study, they donated a sample of blood for researchers to evaluate biological and other risk factors that can lead to cancer and other diseases. Over 95% of CPS-3 participants provided a blood sample. Many of these blood samples have already been analyzed by scientists exploring a variety of topics, including the genetics of breast cancer and diet-associated biomarkers.

Of course, over time, environmental exposures, risk factors, and behaviors can change, and the blood may reflect those changes. That’s why the American Cancer Society is asking CPS-3 participants to donate a second blood sample. Researchers can use the more recent sample to study how exposures, risk factors, and behaviors affect biological markers in blood. 

The repeat blood samples provided in this substudy will help us to understand how to better prevent, detect, and treat cancer.