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2024 Triennial Survey Is Online Mailed Versions Arriving Soon

Every three years, the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3) research team sends a survey to all active CPS-3 participants with questions about their health and new research topics (like COVID-19 questions during the pandemic). We call these Triennial Surveys and sometimes refer to them as Follow-up Surveys.

The 2024 Triennial Survey was recently launched in a secure online-only format. In June, we’ll mail a paper version to participants who weren’t able to answer survey questions online.

If you’re a CPS-3 Portal participant, you’ve had the chance to answer shorter, topic-specific surveys. The 2024 Triennial Survey is different—it’s longer and available to all. 

Each Triennial Survey covers a comprehensive list of topics including medical history, cancer screenings, genetic testing, and health behaviors like physical activity, sleep, diet, and smoking. Don’t be surprised if you open this latest survey and think, “Hey! I’ve answered some of these questions before.”  You have.

We ask similar questions on each Follow-up Survey because we want to see if and how your health has changed over time. Responding to these surveys over time is the cornerstone of our cancer prevention cohort studies.

What CPS-3 Participants Say About the 2024 Survey

Watch this video to hear about the impact of CPS-3 on cancer research directly from some of our participants and researchers.  Hear about the powerful motivations that inspired them to become a participant. Learn why it’s important to complete each follow-up survey.

Need some motivation for completing the survey promptly? Your quick attention saves the American Cancer Society time and money on follow-up requests.

On the Lookout for the 2024 Survey

  • In late March, you should have received an email invitation with instructions on how to complete the online survey. If you didn't, check your email’s spam/junk folder.
  • Starting in June 2024, paper surveys will be mailed to participants who didn’t receive the email invitation or who have not yet answered the survey questions online.