CPS-3 Participants Send Stool Samples for the Sake of Science

In the fall of 2020, we began a new sub-study about the gut microbiome with a small group of participants who registered for the first phase of the CPS-3 portal during the summer. 

Over 550 participants completed an online questionnaire and contributed a stool sample.

The stool samples provide a "snapshot" of the participant's unique gut microbiome—the collection of microorganisms (like bacteria, viruses, and fungi) that live inside everyone's digestive system.

The gut microbiome is shaped by a person's diet, lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors. Our microbiomes play an important role in the absorption of nutrients and minerals, our immune system, and in chronic health conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, heart disease and colorectal cancer.

The collected stool samples, as well as the accompanying survey data, will allow ACS researchers to investigate the role of the gut microbiome in overall health and in cancer risk factors such as obesity.

CPS-3 Gut Microbiome Sub Study

Thank You, CPS-3 Participants

If you were one of the 550 CPS-3 participants who completed the online questionnaire and sent in a stool sample biospecimen, thank you.

Based on the pilot’s success, we’ll begin expanding the Gut Microbiome Sub-Study starting in 2021/2022, with the ultimate goal of collecting 10,000 stool samples.

Watch the video to learn more about the sub-study and the importance of the gut microbiome.