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CPS-3 Repeat Blood Collection How do I participate?

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There are 4 steps to participate in this substudy.
  1. Sign up. After you receive an invitation to join this substudy via email, use the CPS-3 Participant Portal to sign and consent to participate.
  2. Schedule your blood draw. You will receive a kit in the mail with instructions on how to make an appointment with an American Cancer Society lab partner at a location that’s convenient for you. The kit will also include the materials you’ll need for your appointment.
  3. Get your blood drawn. Bring your kit to your appointment so the medical professional can use the materials to draw 50ml of your blood. That’s about 3.5 tablespoons – roughly the same amount you might give during a routine visit to your doctor. The professional will also measure your height, weight, waist, and blood pressure.
  4. Take a brief survey. Log in to your CPS-3 Participant Portal within 24 hours after your blood draw. You’ll be asked questions about things that might have affected your blood sample, such as what medications you’re taking and when you had your last meal before giving blood.