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CPS-3 Repeat Blood Collection Substudy

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What is the CPS-3 Repeat Blood Collection substudy?

For this substudy, we're asking CPS-3 participants who gave a blood sample when they enrolled to give another one now. 

Why do you want a second blood sample from me?

Human blood is a time capsule that can tell us about your past or present exposures, potentially informing us about your future disease risk. The blood sample you provided at enrollment into CPS-3 offered a single snapshot of your past exposures and risk factors at that date. 

However, environmental exposures, risk factors, and behaviors change over time. A second blood sample from you can help us study how these changes affect, predict or modify your current and lifetime risk of cancer. 

What will you measure in my blood?

Cancers can take many years to develop, and are a result of genetic changes that occur in our bodies over time due to our internal factors and external exposures.

Researchers will use updated technology to study your blood sample to look at the genetic information you were born with, as well as any genetic changes that may have occurred in your body over time. 

Researchers may also study your blood for things that naturally occur in your body (such as cholesterol, hormones, and markers of immunity), as well as things you have been exposed to, like infections or environmental pollutants.