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Cancer Prevention Study Questionnaires

The American Cancer Society uses detailed survey questionnaires in each Cancer Prevention Study, dating back to 1959. These cancer prevention study questionnaires are available as PDFs for download.

CPS-I Cohort

Nearly 1 million men and women completed this questionnaire. They were followed for mortality through 1972.

CPS-II Mortality Cohort 

Over 1.2 million men and women across the United States completed a 4-page questionnaire that asked about their medical history, occupation, smoking habits, and more. We are following this cohort through 2022, which will provide over 40 years of mortality follow-up. 

    CPS-II Nutrition Study Questionnaires

    In 1992, about 184,000 participants from CPS-II enrolled in the CPS-II Nutrition cohort, allowing us to collect detailed information on diet and other risk factors for cancer. In 1997, we started sending sex-specific surveys every 2 years.  While CPS-II participants are only being followed for cancer mortality, we're following nutrition participants for cancer incidence as well as cancer mortality until 2022.

    The majority of participants answered the long survey every 2 years. We developed shorter surveys for the participants who struggled to complete it, and we also offered to conduct brief surveys over the phone.

    CPS-II Lifelink Cohort

    The Lifelink Cohort is a subset of 40,000 participants from the CPS-II Nutrition Study. In 1998-1999, Lifelink participants provided a blood sample and completed a brief, blood-related survey.