To get help paying for your prescriptions

If you’re having trouble paying for your prescriptions, or if you need help, here are 2 groups that represent a lot of different patient drug assistance programs. They can be good places to start when you’re trying to find out if you can get help.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Toll-free number: 1-888-4PPA-NOW (1-888-477-2669)

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) is a free service to help people who don’t have prescription drug coverage find assistance programs that are right for them. The service is run by a group of drug companies, health care providers, patient advocacy organizations, and community groups. PPA is connected to more than 475 public and private patient assistance programs, including nearly 200 programs offered by biopharmaceutical companies. They also have information on free drug discount cards funded by private companies, which can help reduce your costs for certain brand or generic drugs.

To find programs that may be helpful to you, call their toll-free number or fill out the confidential online form. You’ll be asked about:

  • The drugs you take
  • Your age
  • Where you live
  • Your annual income
  • Number of people living in your household
  • Insurance and prescription drug coverage, if you have it

If you fill out the online form, your answers are quickly compared to the requirements for the different programs, and you’ll be able to see a list of programs that might be able to help you. From there, you can download each program’s application form and learn how to apply.

Both phone and online services are available in Spanish or English.

Your doctor or nurse can also use the website to find programs for you. They may be able to complete the application forms for you and send them by e-mail or fax.

Scam Alert: There are people who call, email, or go door-to-door who say they’re with PPA and ask for money or personal information. PPA does not ask for money and doesn’t call or email people. Contact the PPA directly if someone does this to you.

NeedyMeds, Inc.

Toll-free number: 1-800-503-6897

The NeedyMeds website provides information about many drug assistance programs. It includes some of the same programs as the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, but in a format that might be simpler for some people to use.

NeedyMeds, Inc., only offers information about drug assistance programs. They do not help with problems or help you search for drug assistance programs.

NeedyMeds, Inc., also has its own drug discount card that you can print out for free online. It can be used in certain drugstores, but you can’t use it along with your insurance.

Scam Alert: There are lookalike websites that say they’re with NeedyMeds that ask for money. NeedyMeds does not ask for money for its information. Contact NeedyMeds if you see anything like this.

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