Can I Lower the Risk of My Esophagus Cancer Progressing or Coming Back?

Most people want to know if there are specific lifestyle changes they can make to reduce their risk of their cancer progressing or coming back. Unfortunately, for most cancers there isn’t much solid evidence to guide people. This doesn’t mean that nothing will help – it’s just that for the most part this is an area that hasn’t been well studied. Most studies have looked at lifestyle changes as ways of preventing cancer in the first place, not slowing it down or preventing it from coming back.

At this time, not enough is known about esophagus cancer to say for sure if there are things you can do that will be helpful. Tobacco and alcohol use have clearly been linked to esophagus cancer, so not smoking or drinking may help reduce your risk. We don’t know for certain if this will help, but we do know that it can help improve your appetite and overall health. It can also reduce the chance of developing other types of cancer. If you want to quit smoking and need help, call your American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345.

Adopting other healthy behaviors such as eating well, getting regular physical activity, and staying at a healthy weight may help as well, but no one knows for sure. However, we do know that these types of changes can have positive effects on your health that can extend beyond your risk of cancer.

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Last Medical Review: March 20, 2014 Last Revised: February 4, 2016

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