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Jeff Mader

Jeff Mader posing hands crossed in front of an airplane

Jeff Mader was diagnosed in the fall of 2017 with stage three kidney cancer. After a successful surgery, a year later, Jeff learned that the cancer had spread to his lungs. An oncologist explained that treating his now-metastatic diagnosis would require taking a cancer drug until it became ineffective, then moving on to another. “There is a finite list of drugs and when the last drug stops working, cancer wins the battle. The hope is to keep me alive with a reasonable quality of life until a cure for my cancer is developed.”

Since his cancer diagnosis, Jeff has become very involved with the American Cancer Society and has led several fundraising initiatives. He is a board member for the regional board that supports Minnesota and the Dakotas, Board Chair for the Minnesota Board and also helped to kick-off the Minnesota CEOs Against Cancer team. Most recently, Jeff, along with others in the North Region Research Council, contributed $10,000 to an ACS-approved researcher.

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