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Research We Fund: Extramural Discovery Science

Research Scholar Grants

Grant Overview

Research Scholar Grants (RSG) provide support for independent, self-directed researchers. 

Applicants' institutions must provide space and other resources customary for independent investigators.

Grant proposals are investigator-initiated and may pursue questions across the cancer research continuum, as long as they fit within an American Cancer Society (ACS) priority research area.

These grants typically contribute to the cost of salaries, consumable supplies, and other miscellaneous items required in the research.  


You ARE eligible to submit a proposal if you:

  • Work at a US academic institution or eligible non-profit
  • Were first appointed as independent, full-time faculty LESS than 10 years ago (To ask about eligibility extensions due to personal or professional leave, send your questions to at least 6 weeks before the application deadline.)
  • Are the PI on NO MORE than 1 R01 or R01-equivalent grant at the time of application

Grant Term & Budget

Research Scholar Grants are funded up to $215,000 per year (direct costs), plus 10% allowable indirect costs, with a project period up to four years.

Applicants should review the American Cancer Society’s Grant Policies and Instructions about the RSG.

Application Deadlines

April 1 and October 15