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Research We Fund: Extramural Discovery Science

Peer Review Committee for Healthcare Outcomes, Policy, and Services Research (HOPS)

Areas Reviewed

  • Studies investigating the delivery of cancer-related care, including patient-provider communication, patient navigation, and care coordination among oncology and primary care providers
  • Access to care research including identification and mitigation of barriers (such as availability, accessibility, affordability, and quality) to preventive services, cancer treatment, and follow-up care
  • Characteristics of patients, health care professionals, health systems, and populations that affect access to care, healthcare delivery, and workforce development
  • Behavioral economics and health policy research to better understand and address the factors affecting preventive services, screening, and healthcare across the cancer continuum
  • Research that addresses how financial toxicity (including employment and insurance status) affects cancer-related outcomes
  • Interventions and natural experiments that demonstrate how policy changes impact known risk factors of cancer (e.g., soda tax, indoor smoking bans)
  • Implementation science research that facilitates the translation of health services research into practice

Peer Review Committee Chairs

Chair, Michaela Dinan, PhD, Yale University
Co-Chair, Adam Olszewski, MD, Brown University