Peer Review Committee for Treatment, Palliative Care, and Survivorship Research (CTPS)

Areas Reviewed

  • Interventions testing the delivery of high-quality, equitable patient-centered care and the coordinated survivorship care among and between specialists and primary care providers
  • Developing and testing strategies to foster effective patient-provider communication, goals of care discussions, and prognostic decision making
  • Developing and testing interventions involving psychological, spiritual, religious, social support and caregiver issues
  • Developing and testing novel approaches for lifestyle modification, healthy weight maintenance, treatment adherence, screening and surveillance of new and recurrent cancers in survivors
  • Developing and testing interventions focused on symptoms management, patient-reported outcomes, co-morbidities, management of new chronic illnesses, and quality of life
  • Developing and testing methods and tools for prediction, early detection, and surveillance of early and late effects of cancer treatment
  • Interventions and models involving primary and special palliative care research using interdisciplinary teams