Internal radiation therapy

How are implants put in the body?

Sometimes implants are put in the body with needle-like tubes. This might be done in an operating room, and drugs may be used to make you relax or sleep.

Some implants are left in.

If you have implants that will be left in your body, you may not be allowed to do some things, such as be close to children or pregnant women, for a certain time. But you can go back to the other normal things you do right away.

The implants will stop giving off radiation after a few weeks to a few months. Once the radiation is gone, the implants just stay in and cause no harm.

Some implants are taken out.

Some implants are taken out after they have been in for many hours or days. While the implants are in place, you’ll stay in a private hospital room. Doctors and nurses will take care of you, but they’ll need to limit how much time they spend with you.

Most implants are taken out right in your hospital room. The treated area may be sore for some time, but most patients get back to normal quickly.

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